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ID by InsaneZimmy ID by InsaneZimmy
Okay.. I'm returning.. only because I was threatened several times. :O
Recap on Zander.

Begin Transmission…
Search Data entries on code name InsaneZimmy…
Data Entries Successfully Retrieved…

-=General Information=-
Screen Name: InsaneZimmy
Name: Zander
Age: 21 – Human years
Gender: Male
Birth Place: The Hatchery on Irk
Current Location: Earth
Race: Irken
Rank: Ex-Invader
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 147lbs
Eye Colour: Gold
Skin Colour: Standard
Antenna Type: Standard.
Pak: Standard with yellow port doors.

Torso: A white long sleeve button down shirt. Single pocket on the left side. Wears it with bottom half buttons and the top undone. (Shows his stomach and his collar bone.) Sleeves are baggy and do not close around wrists.
Hands: Nothing,
Legs: Blue jeans with the legs torn off just above his knees. A chain to his wallet hangs out of left pocket. Black belt with silver buckle.
Feet: Black Vans (skating shoes) with loose white socks. (loose as in hanging around his ankles)
Neck: Black leather spike collar.
Extra: Has antenna’s pierced with silver rings. Three in left, two in right.

-= Personality Traits=-
Normal Mood: Boisterous and Annoying.
Fear(s): Needles
Insecurities: Being a failure.
Mental Instabilities (If Any): Chronic Depression.

-=Likes and Dislikes=-
Food: Junk foods with lots of sugar.
Drink: Soda and alcohol.
Music: Many genres.
Books: Anything by Edgar Allen Poe.
Other: Skating, playing his guitar, stalking Tak.

Food: Anything healthy.
Drink: Bottled water.
Music: Rap, country, American-pop, Emo
Books: Documentaries
Other: People, irkens who think they’re better than him, the Tallest

Maternal Parental Unit: N/A – Born in Hatchery on Irk
Paternal Parental Unit: N/A – Born in Hatchery on Irk
Siblings: Many – Irkens are grown and born in Hatcheries.
Friends: Names N/A
Rival: Vector (See FanFiction)
Love/Crush: Tak

-=Brief Back History=-
Like every Irken smeet, Zander was born in the hatchery. Trouble was, he was born with a defect. Yellow eyes. No one could figure out where the DNA chain came from, but eventually put it aside. Zander went through military training and graduated 8th in his class, which is high due to the number of irkens in the class. Come time for the Invader test, Zander was dismissed because of his defect and because he was so tall. He had his invader code deactivated and was left to do as he pleased. Hence the Ex-Invader rank.

Zander decided to partake in fights. (Read InvaderJaz's story for this.) He was a top-notch fighter next to his friend Jaz, but could never beat her. When she started the rebellion, Zander went his separate way and found Tak. It was love at first sight… but he could never bring himself to speak to her.

For more on Zander, read the fanFiction. (More of that soon to come)

End Transmission.
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invader-ace Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2005
Your lucky you came bad I don't get my deposit back on the hitman.
InsaneZimmy Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2005   Photographer
:O Oh.. you mean the big guy with a bad hair cut and 5o'clock shadow that stopped by my house about 6 days ago?
InvaderfromIrk Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2005
>3< Zan! -glomps- ( it alright if I call you that? xD; ) :hump::heart: ^____^- -waves a flag-
InsaneZimmy Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2005   Photographer
Heh, yeah. You can call me that. I don't mind.
-pokes- I havn't seen you on msn yet. -Clings to leg-
InvaderfromIrk Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2005
xD Sorry. I'm usually on around 3:45 - 5:00 or until my mom lets me get ont the computer... :O_o:;
InvaderfromIrk Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2005
.0. -huggles- When are you usually on?? :heart:
InsaneZimmy Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2005   Photographer
Aw. -pouts-
InvaderJaz Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2005
You came back!!!!! *tackles*
InsaneZimmy Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2005   Photographer
Yes... I was threatened. ^_^;;
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